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Group Financial Management Department (Financial Bet365 loginSharing Center) Live Casino bet365organizes a series of learning activities for "centralized learning and win -win growth"

Release time:2024-04-30

    To effectively improve the professional ability of financial personnel、Construction of high -efficiency and professional financial team、Better to serve the Group's high -quality development,Group Financial Management Department (Financial Sharing Center) organized a series of learning activities for "centralized learning and win -win growth",improvement from financial thinking、Financial Management、State -owned enterprise reform、Fusion of Karma Cai、State -owned Assets Supervision and other dimensions to carry out comprehensive learning training,Effectively "promoting dryness、Practicing it with drying、Increases efficiency ",Efforts to achieve the "dual improvement of hard quality and soft power、Promotion of common "。
    Integrated resource  System "Learning"
    Deepen financial work "one game of chess、One Stock、A heart、A net "concept,Make full use of the group bet365 live casino apptheme training course、Management Accounting、Tax management bet365 live casino appand other high -quality online courses,Regular collective studies per week per week。From corporate economic activities and financial statements、Financial statement reading and indicator analysis、Financial Positioning and Fortune Relationship、Report analysis and creative value to learn,Promote various positions、Study of financial personnel of each sector、Share、Communication,Help financial personnel better cultivate financial management thinking、More deeply understanding the essence of the fusion of the industry,To better improve the efficiency of collaborative cooperation,Go all out to do a good job of various financial work。
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    Sworing difficulties  Key "Specialty"
    Management for budget、merging statement、Asset evaluation、Tax management and other difficult areas,Innovative development of the "lecturer group" business training。Invite "experts at home" of each position to teach special courses,Use real dry goods、Live Casino bet365Point -to -point cases、Face -to -face way to discuss,bet365 login gamesTalking about the difficult problems in financial work,To achieve "Drilling a line and a line,Do a line of fine lines ",Efforts to transform the difficulty of work into a business highlight,Effectively improve the ability to solve problems。
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    Practical orientation  targeted "practical learning"
    The starting point of this training training is the knowledge of financial personnel,Pointing point is the need for the group's business and actual work,Event invites higher -level units or provincial state -owned enterprise experts to explain、Exchange state -owned enterprise reform、Investment financing、Performance assessment、Theoretical knowledge and experience in risk control and other aspects,and strengthen the transformation and application of learning results,Carry out the "improvement of quality training" quality improvement project,The ability and quality of improving the ability to improve from "paper school" to "see things in things",Grasp bet365 live casino appthe learning results in frequent、Incorporate daily、Fall to implementation。
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    Live Casino bet365Shandong Land Group Financial Management Department (Financial Sharing Center) through a series of learning training activities,Fully strive to create a high -quality financial talent team to continue to make efforts,Accelerate the cultivation of a solid theoretical basis、Full work experience、Macro strategic thinking、The financial team with a strong state of mind,Winning in the "hot soil" of finance、Together down,Contribute to the high -quality development of the group with the pose of forgiving。