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Shandong Land Group held a launch meeting for preparation of the internal cost limit standard of land business

Release time:2024-04-30

    On the afternoon of April 28,Shandong Land Group held a launch meeting for preparation of the internal cost limit standard of land business。Member of the Party Committee of Shandong Land Group、Deputy General Manager Qi Zongdi presided over the meeting and spoke。
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    The meeting listened to the report of the internal cost limit standard of the group's land business,bet365 slotsParticipants Bet365 loginaround the overall goal、Work content、Work mechanism and other aspects to discuss exchanges。
    Conference to point out,Prepare the internal cost limit standard of land business,It is an important measure to comprehensively strengthen the entire process of investment and operation of land rectification projects,It is a concentrated manifestation of implementing the spirit of the first party congress of the group。Ministry Office、The ownership company must fully understand the significance of the group's internal cost limit standard for preparation of the land business,Strengthen the planning plan,Take the initiative to enter the game,Hold close coordination,Go all out to grasp the Live Casino bet365progress、bet365 live casino appGifts,Effectively promote the orderly development of the preparation、Completed on time。
    Meeting requirements,To be in the country、province、City and industry standards,Combined with the Group's experience cases in the land improvement project,Construction covering projects and decision -making、Planning Design、Construction、Project acceptance、Internal cost limit standards of land business in the entire process of management and protection,Effectively prevent investment operation risk,Make every effort to promote the standardization of land improvement business,Further improve the level of internal management,Improve the capacity of project creation。
    Division of the relevant bet365 login gamesdepartment of Shandong Land Group、Bet365 loginDirect institutions、The responsible comrade of the ownership company,Internal cost limit Standards Standard for compilation of division responsible comrades and related staff attended the meeting。