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Shandong Land Group won the third prize of 2023 China Financial Digital Intelligent Transformation Enterprise Award

Release time:2024-04-29

    April 2024,Shandong Land Group is approved by the Ministry of Finance、Hosted by New Finance Magazine、China CFO Annual Character Selection Committee issued the "2023 China Financial Digital Smart Transformation Enterprise Award",It marks the modernization level of the financial management of Shandong Land Group into a new stage of intelligence,Overall digitalization level to a new level。
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    Shandong Land Group Financial Sharing Center officially launched construction bet365 login gamesin March 2022,and fully bet365 login gameslaunched at the end of December of the same year,Become a model with the financial sharing of the provincial enterprise and the promotion of fast and excellent model。Financial Sharing Center fully combines the development stage of Shandong Land Group and the characteristics of various business segments,Being benchmark "All、Quick、quasi、Zhi、Turn "five -character standard,close to the "Accounting Center、Fund Payment Center、Financial Management and Control Center、Financial Standardization Center、Financial Data Management Center、Talent Training Center "six major centers strategic positioning,Build strategic finance、Business Finance、Shared Financial Three -type Financial Management System。Through processization、Live Casino bet365bet365 slotsStandardization、Intelligent operation,Implementing the efficiency of the reporting of the billing is more than 30%,Approval efficiency increases by more than 80%,The efficiency of account processing is increased by more than 60%,Work efficiency has been significantly improved; control requirements such as decision documents and contract information through automatic association projects,Intelligent judgment "Super contract without payment,No budget、Super budget without payment ",Comprehensive budget execution rigidity is more strengthened,Risk prevention and control capacity has been greatly improved; by constructing financial big data visual models and multi -dimensional analysis and early warning,Real -time real -time Bet365 loginbet365 live casino appinlaid of management needs、Real -time execution,Decision support capabilities are effectively strengthened;,Promoting the management of business departments to achieve management change,Transformation and creative effects highlight,Continue to inject new productive forces for development。