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Yimeng Spirit and other party history and red culture preach into Shandong Land Group

Release time:2024-04-29

    To promote the party's innovation theory to penetrate the grassroots level,According to the Propaganda Department of the Provincial Party Committee、Work arrangements for the Provincial SASAC,April 28,Member of the Party History of Shandong Province、Wang Zengqian, a second -level investigator at the Literature Research Office of the Provincial Party History Research Institute, went to Shandong Land Group to carry out bet365 login gamesthe Live Casino bet365"Yimeng Spirit and other party history and red culture" special preaching。Director of Safety Production Director of Shandong Land Group,Party and Mass Work Department (Party Committee Propaganda Department、The United Front Work Department of the Party Committee、Inspection Office) Minister (Director) Fan Huafeng hosted the event。
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    This preaching is based on the development context of the history of Shandong Revolution,Comprehensive in -depth analysis of the cultural root of Yimeng's spirit、Regional conditions、Political root foundation、Organization premise、Six conditions including the central plan and the selection of the people,Objective three -dimensional display of Yimeng's spiritual bet365 slotssuffering and brilliant casting bet365 live casino appprocess,Science carefully analyzes the interactive process of the two main body of "Army" and "Min", "Water and milk blending",Deeply and accurately reveal the historical meaning of "life and death" contained in Yimeng's spirit,Fully explained the value of Yimeng's spirit and accurately interpreted the basic connotation of Yimeng spirit。
    Through this preaching,Cadres and employees of Shandong Land Group have more comprehensive party history and red culture such as Yimeng Spirit、More in -depth understanding。Everyone said that they will love me land、Xing Me Land as the responsibility,Transforming this perception into action,Inherit and promote these valuable spiritual wealth in work bet365 live casino appand life。Shandong Land Group bet365 live casino appwill further inherit the red gene、赓 Continuous red blood,Accelerate the development of new productive forces,Make new contributions to the construction of socialist modernization in the new era。
    More than 70 young employees in Shandong Land Group participated in the event.