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Ye Jianjun went to Linyi to investigate

Release time:2024-04-22

    April 17th to 18th,Member of the Party Committee of Shandong Land Group、Deputy General Manager Ye Jianjun and his party went to Linyi to investigate。
    Ye Jianjun listened to the overall work report of Linyi Company。He said,To correctly understand the liquidation and cancellation、Optimization and integration work is important to Linyi Company,Throw the baggage、firm confidence、Unified thought、Unity,Take the collection of clearing as the primary task,Turn bet365 slotsLive Casino bet365the deficit losses as a hard task,Clear goals and directions,Priority solving survival problems,In -depth planning development issues。To focus on the group's main business,Based on local,Give full play to the logistics capital of Linyi area、Hometown of Board、Advantages of rich natural resources,Realize new breakthroughs as soon as possible in the protection and utilization of natural resources。To grasp the direction of land remediation business policy,According to the new mode of the group,Promote the solid landing of land remediation projects,Agent in Natural Resources Assets、Enhance the financing capabilities,Practicing excavation projects that can bring stable cash bet365 live Live Casino bet365casino appflow,Seize new opportunities,Realize new development。
    During the survey,Ye Jianjun and the Standing Committee of the Linyi Municipal Party Committee、Deputy Mayor,The Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Yihe New District Gou Hongshui talks,Both parties create a model around the country's revitalization Qilu、Urban update and transformation、Business model innovation development, etc.。The two parties said that they will be based on good cooperation in the early stage,Further strengthen communication,Deepening cooperative relationship,Innovative cooperation mode,Realizing cooperation and win -win、Common Development。
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    Ye Jianjun and his party also inspected the rural revitalization model project in Yifen Town, Yinan County、Live Casino bet365Mengyin bet365 login gamesCounty Duizhuang Town Shandong Puze Da Health Industrial Park and other projects。
    Mengyin County、Yinan County Party Committee、The responsible comrade of the county government,The responsible comrades of the relevant departments and ownership companies of the group participated in the event。