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Liu Shouliang went to the Institute of Industrial Development to investigate and discuss

Release time:2024-04-22

    On the morning of April 18,Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group、Director Liu Shouliang went to the Industrial Development Research Institute for investigation and held a symposium。
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    Liu Shouliang listened Bet365 loginLive Casino bet365to the overall work report of the Institute of Industrial Development,Combined with the current work task,Put forward guidance and specific requirements。He said,To clarify the direction of the mind,The Institute,To actively fulfill the responsibilities and mission given by the party committee of the group,Relying on resource gathering advantages,Help the group is at the forefront in the field of comprehensive utilization of saline -alkali land,In promoting the transformation of scientific and technological achievements、See results in the development of industrial development。bet365 slotsTo grasp the key to breakthrough,All Live Casino bet365ownership companies of the Industrial Development Research Institute must be advanced in the horizontal benchmark industry,Stimulate the work operation mechanism,Strengthening the ability to perform duties,Increase market development,Continue to improve market competition advantages。To strengthen management and effectiveness,Pay attention to the performance assessment "command stick" function,Combined with the actual work,Improve and perfect salary incentive mechanism,Guide cadres and employees to concentrate their minds and energy into the entrepreneurial business。
    Bet365 loginLeadership team of the Industrial bet365 slotsDevelopment Research Institute、The person in charge of each department,The leadership team of the ownership company attended the discussion。