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Walking to "New" 丨 Shandong Land Group adds "numbers" to the new track

Release time:2024-04-19

    "Digital China" builds a hoof step steady,Digital economy has become an important engine of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial change。
    On this new track focusing on digital transformation and development,Shandong Land Group insists on leading industrial innovation with scientific and technological innovation,Accelerate the promotion of digital industrialization and industrial digitalization,Put "digital wings" for the group's high -quality development。Current,Shandong Land Group has more than 230 patents and software copyrights,Have a national high -tech enterprise、Data management ability maturity (stable)、cmmi、Surveillance and Mapping Class A、Information system construction and service capabilities、15 qualifications including the integration of confidential information system。Won the Gold Award for Excellent Engineering of China's Geographical Information Industry、More than 50 prizes for the first prize of geographic information technology progress。
    "Number" transformation, continuously enhanced the "new" force
    In the tide of the digital economy,Digital transformation is no longer the "elective course" of the enterprise,Instead, the "compulsory course" that is related to the future survival bet365 login gamesBet365 loginand long -term development of the company,It is a new kinetic energy that has given birth to high -quality development、The key move to increase innovative advantages。
    2019,To implement the country、Shandong Province's strategic deployment and series of work requirements for promoting the development of the digital economy,bigger and stronger natural resources big data industry,Shandong Land Group set up digital technology group。In recent years,Digital Technology Group aims to build "Land Space Big Data Operation" as the goal,Innovate the business model of "front shop and back factory",Use cloud computing、Big Data、Artificial Intelligence、Blockchain and other advanced technologies,Based on thorough perception data of the whole region,Natural resource business model is driven,For natural resources、Agricultural and Rural、Emergency Management、Ecological civilization and other fields,Provide data governance、Government Affairs approval、Intelligent remote sensing、Mobile applications and industrial digital solutions and other products。Provide more flexible data support for the social and economic development and natural resource management of the province,Carry out modernization for government governance、Digital natural resources of industrial economy, big data acquisition and application service,Promote the digital government、Digital economy、Digital society High -quality development。
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Shandong Land Group appeared at the first China Surveying and Mapping Geographical Information Conference
    Current,Digital Technology Group already owns Beijing Digital Hui Time and Space Information Technology Co., Ltd.、Shandong Land Group Technology Development Co., Ltd.、Shandong Land Group Digital Technology Co., Ltd. and other 3 holding companies,Business covers more than 20 provinces across the country,More than 5,000 implementation projects,Service customers exceed one million。
    Cultivation "Number"Wisdom, create a high -quality development "Promotioner"
    Science and Technology is the first productive force。Report from the 20th National Congress of the Party,We must adhere to technology as the first productive force、Talent is the first resource、Innovation is the first power,In -depth implementation of science and education strategy、Talent Strategy、bet365 live casino appbet365 login gamesInnovation -driven development strategy,Open a new field of new fields for development,Continuously shaping the new advantage of new kinetic energy。
    The "Great Wall" big model is a language independently developed by Beijing Digital Hui Time and Whole Company controlled by Shandong Land Group.、Treatment、Interpretation、Analysis and other multi -modal models。This model comprehensively natural resources in the field of natural resources、Image、Data from multiple modes such as video,Learning through different modular data,Can effectively investigate natural resources、Approval、Supervision and other businesses to understand and generate。Current,Based on this model,Beijing Digital Hui Time and Whole Company and the National Supercomputing (Jinan) Center、Shaanxi Province Surveying and Mapping Geographical Information Bureau、Chinese Academy of Sciences Air Sky Information Research Institute、Beijing Municipal Surveying and Mapping Institute, including more than 20 units across the country, establish cooperation contact,Strategic cooperation with the long -light satellite upstream of the industrial chain,Create a new type of space -time information basic base,and elected the "Zhongguancun Lingchuang Commercial Space Industry Development Alliance" vice chairman unit。
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Pan -natural resources vertical industry big model
    The smart remote sensing cloud platform "DIEY" is the help of the "Great Wall" big model,Another independent research and development results of Shandong Land Group。The platform takes "satellite is service" as the vision,Created an unattended image processing factory、Factory extract、Application Construction Factory,Open the full -chain production process from the original satellite image data to obtain the industry's application,Realizing that one person is a factory,Open the new era of "satellite as service" application。Current,The platform has accumulated more than 130 items in total service scenarios。Already on the Shanghai Data Exchange、Beijing Data Exchange 81 data products,Business remote sensing trading service platform at the National High Score Center、Mobile Cloud Market and other places are launched 3 software products。
    "Digital" trial control, improve high -quality development quality and efficiency
    Digital control is an Live Casino bet365bet365 slotsimportant content of digital transformation of enterprises。In recent years,Shandong Land Group through artificial intelligence、RPA Robot、Face recognition and other technologies are used in various fields controlled by the group,Building financial management、Fund Management、Digital platforms of comprehensive management, etc.,Promoting the change of digital management and control model of Shandong Land Group,Form digital competitive advantage。
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Shandong Land Smart Decision Analysis Platform
    ​​Remember from the handicraft to the electronic account,From electrical to financial sharing,Financial management keeps with the times。July 2021,Shandong Land Group was officially included in the Pilot Unit of the Construction of the Financial Sharing Center of the Provincial SASAC。December 2022,Shandong Land Group Financial Sharing Center Full Business、Full process、Layout in the whole level,It marks the successful completion of the financial sharing center and formally operate,Founded the fastest of the financial sharing promotion of provincial enterprises、optimal model。Since the completion of the Financial Sharing Center,Fully combined with the characteristics of the development stage of Shandong Land Group and the characteristics of various business segments,Being benchmark "All、Quick、Quote、Zhi、Turn "five -character standard,close to the six major strategic positioning and "specification、Lean、Jet、stable、Efficient、Wisdom "strategic goal,Construction of strategic finance、Business Finance、Shared Financial Three -type Financial Management System,Shandong Land Group's financial management work efficiency and quality of the efficiency of significantly improved、Risk management and control ability has increased significantly、Decision support capabilities effectively strengthen,Promote the financial management of Shandong Land Group from accounting to value creation,Inject new productive forces into high -quality development。
    The construction of the Treasury system is an important means to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the financial management digital transformation and upgrading。September 2023,The Shandong SASAC issued the "Guiding Opinions on the Construction of bet365 live casino appbet365 login gamesthe Treasury System of the Provincial Enterprise"。The same year,Shandong Land Group on the basis of the original fund management system,Fully build a concentration of funds、Information concentration is the focus,Treasury management system for real -time monitoring and overall scheduling of financial resources,Build "Smart Friendship、penetrating visual、powerful function、Safe and reliable "Treasury information system,Realize the comprehensive visual visibility of the bank account of the ownership enterprise、Fund flow is fully traceable、Collect funds comprehensive and controllable,Make sure that financial resources are "visible、Keep it、Move、Good use "。Current,Shandong Land Group's Treasury Management System has been built to cover account management、Fund settlement、Fund collection、Financing Management、Bill management、Fund Plan、The Treasury Information System of the application of Big Plaza and other applications,In -depth fusion application with the financial sharing center,Realize the interaction of the treasury system and other business information systems,Funds、Assets、Resource collaboration、Benign conversion、High -efficiency configuration。Shandong Land Group's account visualization rate of 85%or more,Fund collection rate of 95%or more。
    The new technology tide is close to it.
    Future for the future,​​Shandong Land Group will continue to empowerment around digital、Industry Cai Fusion,further accelerate internal digitalization、Informatization construction pace,Improve the construction of the pair system,Investigate and monitor in the field of natural resources as soon as possible、Agent Service、New type of surveying and mapping、Data operation and other aspects formed new productive forces,Enhance development new kinetic energy,Create digital land,continuously move towards the construction of domestic first -class natural resources investment and financing group。