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Li Bo and his party went to Voic Agricultural Corporation for investigation

Release time:2024-04-19

    April 18,Secretary of the Party Committee of Shandong Land Group、Chairman Li Bo and his party went to Voic Agricultural Corporation to investigate and investigate the development of the crown fruit industry,Secretary of the Weifang Municipal Party Committee、Director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress Liu Yun discussed and exchanged。
    Liu Yun welcomes Li Bo and his party,and communicate with the cooperation between the two parties。He said,Weifang Municipal Committee、The municipal government will strongly support Shandong Land Group to enhance the expansion of the crown and crown fruit germplasm resource library,Test Base in the Construction of Weifang City,Introduction of the top talent in the field of deep processing of the crown fruit,Create a national -level crown fruit scientific research center,Commonly promoting the sustainable and healthy development of the crown fruit industry。
    Li Bo to Weifang Municipal Party Committee、The city government has always been concerned and support for expressing thanks,bet365 slotsbet365 live casino appand introduced the development of the Wen Guanguo Industry of Shandong Land Group。He said,Shandong Land Group will focus on the integration and development of the crown, one, two, and three production,Give full play to the leading role of Vogh Agricultural Corporation in the scientific and technological innovation field of Wen Guanguo Industry,Comprehensive use of saline -alkali and land use the expansion of crowned fruit raw material forest planting scale,Help Weifang construction as a national wooden grain and oil trading center,Make new contributions to the revitalization of the village in Weifang City。
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    During the survey,Li Bo and his party inspected Anqiu Nonggu's Fast Material Storage Center、Wen Crown Fruit Genomey Garden,In -depth understanding of the quality resources of the crowns' quality resources、Planting and fast complex technology、Market application prospects and future development trends,and put forward requirements for the development of the crown fruit industry Live Casino bet365Bet365 loginon Voic Agricultural Corporation。Li Bo said,Wen Guanguo Industry is one of the characteristic and advantageous industries of Shandong Land Group,To grasp the current group industry development positioning and direction,Find the Point Following Point,Has a good opportunity for the development of the crown fruit industry,Promoting the business continuously developing。We must continue to grasp the collection and preservation of the quality of the crown fruit germplasm resources,Gradually establish seedlings、Group training、Scientific Research、Given the quality resource base of deep processing products。To strengthen cooperation with universities and research institutes,Explore the establishment of an academician workstation,Focusing on building the country's leading crown fruit industry demonstration base。To rely on the seedlings inside and outside the province、Gender and other base projects,Focus on the expansion layout of the full industrial chain bet365 login gamesLive Casino bet365of the crown fruit,Strive to make Vogh Agricultural Corporation into a leading enterprise in the crown fruit industry。
    Secretary of the Anqiu Municipal Party Committee Jia Qinqing,The responsible comrades of relevant departments of Anqiu City,Assistant to the General Manager of the Group、Secretary of the Party Committee of Oriental Development Group、Chairman Xie Guangfeng,Group Office、Oriental Development Group、The responsible comrades of Vogh Agricultural Corporation accompanied the research。