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Shandong Land Group's bond issuance reached a new low!

Release time:2024-04-19

    bet365 slotsApril 15, Bet365 login2024,"Shandong Land Development Group Co., Ltd. 2024 for professional investors non -public issuance corporate bonds (third phases)" successfully issued on the Shanghai Stock Exchange,Lead the main underwriter as Guotai Junan,The joint underwriter is CITIC Securities、Zhongtai Securities。
    This issue of bond issuance is 1 billion yuan,Use dual variety distribution,Variety one bond period 3 years,Variety Two Bond Term of 5 Years,During the bookkeeping period, market investors subscribe to hot,The final distribution Live Casino bet365scale bet365 live casino appis allocated to the variety 25 years,Facial interest rate 2.85%,Breakthrough before the breakthroughs created by the Group's 5 -year -old bond minimum ticket interest rate record,once again set a new low interest rate in the same period of the same period in the history of Shandong Province,High recognition of market investors' high recognition of the group's comprehensive strength and development prospects,Further optimize the financing structure,Help the Group's high -quality development。
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