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bet365 login gamesbet365 live casino appShandong Land Group held a meeting of the party committee meeting and the party's construction work leadership group meeting to study and deploy party discipline learning and education

Release time:2024-04-16

    In the afternoon of April 14,bet365 login gamesbet365 live casino appShandong Land Group held a meeting of the party committee meeting and the party's construction work leadership group。The meeting conveyed the decision -making deployment of the Party Central Committee and the work requirements of the party's discipline and education and the work requirements of the Provincial Party Committee,Arrange and deployment of party discipline learning and education。Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group、Li Bo, the leader of the leadership team of the party's construction work, presided over the meeting and spoke。
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    Meeting to point out,Carry out party discipline learning and education,It is loyalty to support the "two establishment"、Resolutely achieve the inevitable requirements Bet365 loginof "two maintenance",It Bet365 loginis to promote the comprehensive and strict party、The urgent need for enhancing the discipline consciousness of party members,It is an inspirational cadre to act as、An important guarantee for promoting the high -quality development of the group。Talk about politics clearly,High standards High -quality development of party discipline learning,Guide party organizations at all levels and members of the majority of party members、Cadres deeply understand the significance and target requirements of party discipline learning and education,Effectively unify the thinking and action to the Party Central Committee's decision -making deployment。
    Meeting requirements,Focus on studying the "Regulations on the Disciplinary Action of the Communist Party of China",Promoting the in -depth development of party discipline learning and education。To persist in comprehensive systematic learning,Accurately grasp the connotation and practice requirements of the Regulations、Bet365 loginThe main requirements Bet365 loginand regulations of the "six disciplines",True learning deep understanding、Enter the mind。To persist in promoting learning with cases,Use a good warning education material、All typical cases,Especially to make good use of "living textbooks" around you。To persist in training,Highlighting new promotion cadres、young cadres、Disciplinary training of key objects such as cadres such as key positions,Strengthen teaching counseling and demonstration guidance。To persist in contacting the actual learning,View and analysis of the provisions of the Regulations,Use party rules and party discipline correction thoughts and actions。
    Conference emphasized,Responsibilities to carry pressure,Carefully plan to implement,Do a good job of combining articles,Connect the results of party discipline education and consolidation and expansion theme education results,Patrol feedback with the Provincial Party bet365 live casino appCommittee to coordinate,bet365 slotsTogether with the integration of the group to build a domestic first -class natural resource investment and financing group,Permailing the strict style throughout,Strengthening publicity guidance,Strengthen supervision and inspection,Ensure the effectiveness of party discipline learning and education。
    The meeting reviewed and approved the "Implementation Plan on Carrying out Party Discipline Learning and Education"。