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Shandong Land Group Party Committee Theoretical Learning Center Group held a special study meeting of party history

Release time:2024-04-12

    morning on April 11,Shandong Land Group held the third party committee theoretical learning center group in 2024,Group Party Secretary of the Group、Chairman Li Bo presided over the meeting and spoke。
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    The meeting collectively studied the "Regulations on the Work of Party History Study and Education",Members of the central group around the theme,Contact work actual,I made an exchange speech。
    Meeting requirements,1 is to effectively improve political standing,Deep bet365 slotsunderstanding Live Casino bet365of the significant significance of studying and promoting the "Regulations",Take the study of party history as a compulsory course and a regular course,Grasp and implement it。The second is to effectively carry political responsibility,solidly and orderly promotion of party history learning and education normally long -term development。Focus on the word "meling",Improve learning quality and efficiency。Promote the study and education of party history and major theme,Important Festival Day、Memorial Day、Combination of major party history incidents and consolidation of expansion theme education results combined,Strengthen public opinion guidance,Promote the main theme,Propaganda positive energy。Highlight a "live" word,bet365 live casino appRich bet365 slotslearning carrier。Adopting a combination of online and offline,Form of Innovation Party History,Enhance the attractiveness of party history learning and education。Grasp a "responsibility" word,Correct the main responsibility。Party organizations at all levels should take party history learning and education as a major political task。Third is to effectively strengthen political responsibility,Transforming learning results into a powerful motivation for officers to start a business。Leading with party history learning and education,Promoting the benefits of business management has been newly improved;,Create highlight projects to promote high -quality development; rely on party history learning and education,Performing social responsibility Bet365 loginto strengthen state -owned enterprises。
    bet365 slotsMember of the Party Committee of the Group、outer directors、Secretary of the board of directors、Total Assistance、General Master,The relevant departments of the Group's main responsible comrades attended the meeting。