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Shandong Land Group held a mobilization deployment meeting and safety production dispatch meeting for safety production

Release time:2024-04-11

    April 8,Shandong Land Group held a mobilization deployment meeting and safety production dispatch meeting for safety production。Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the bet365 login gamesGroup、Bet365 loginDirector Liu Shouliang attended the meeting and spoke,Fan Huafeng, Director of Safety Production Director Presiding the Meeting Meeting。
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    The meeting announced the Group's "Three -year Action Plan for Safety Production and Treatment of Safety Production (2024-2026)",Notified the first quarter project safety inspection situation,Listening to the report of the second -level company on the work of production safety。
    Conference emphasized,It is necessary to carry out three -year operation of safety production and control,Constantly improve the level of safety management。The first is to strengthen organizational leadership,Make sure that the action is strong。Establish the leader of the main person in charge、Planning、Participate,Organizational leadership mechanisms that are in charge of the leadership leaders,Improve the organization team,Solve the leader、Some people organization、Questions of someone's affairs。To establish information summary、Dynamic research and judgment scheduling mechanism,Persist in monthly scheduling、Quarterly report,Promoting the effective implementation of various tasks of cure。The second is the refined work plan,Guarantee orderly advance。Establish a list management mechanism,Do your heart Live Casino bet365Bet365 loginin your heart,Make sure that all tasks are detailed、Implementation、Putting on the ground。To establish a supervision and supervision mechanism,Take reward and punishment measures to supervise the ownership units to actively implement the responsibility。Third is to deepen hidden dangers investigation,Strengthen risk prevention and control。Normalization of hidden dangers investigation and rectification,Make sure to make a reform。Fourth is to ensure safe investment,Improve management conditions。Increase the extraction of production costs、Supervision and management used,Fully guarantee safety production conditions。Five is to increase training and propaganda,Promote all members castan。Do a good job of production safety and education and training,Improve all staff safety awareness and security ability,Create all members to pay attention to the safety atmosphere。
    Meeting requirements,To consolidate the foundation of safety production management,Implement the responsibility of the main body of production safety。1 is to improve the construction of safety production management teams。Equipped with safety production managers in accordance with the law,Guarantee of the treatment and working conditions of the safety production bet365 login gamesBet365 loginmanagement personnel。Second is to clarify the responsibility of safe production。Definitely different industry、The security responsibility boundary of all parties under different business modes,Ensure that the performance is in place,No offside,Non not to be absent。Third is to improve the construction of the safety management system。Combined with the blocking point in the safety management work、Pain point、Difficult point,Revised the safety management system in time,Enhanced institutional authority、targeted and operable。Fourth is the construction of standardization of production safety。Promoting the source of the source、Period move forward,Accurate identification of security risks,Continue to promote the standardization of production safety。Five is to improve emergency capacity building。Solidly promoting emergency plan and editing and emergency plan exercise,Strengthen the emergency and self -rescue ability of employees。Six is ​​to achieve their duties and perform their duties。Arrangement and deployment of the party committee of the superior units and the group party committee,Implement the responsibility of the main body of production safety and the responsibility for production safety,bet365 login gamesTo be responsible for bet365 slotsthe heart、Responsible for the body、Performing responsibilities。Safety production managers at all levels must take the initiative to act as,Fully arranged safety risk,The bottom number is clear、The situation is Ming、Measures。Keep a high degree of alert at all times,Pay attention to major time points、Safety production work during sensitive time,Make sure the group's safe development。
    The meeting is clear,It is necessary to form a working mechanism of holding a safety production dispatch meeting in the first month of each quarter,Schedule the security risk management and control of the ownership company and the existing problems,Research and deployment of the next stage of safety production work。
    All staff of the Group's Safety Management Department,Second -level company in charge of responsible comrades、The person in charge of the Ministry of Safety Production Management Function Department attended the meeting。