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Live Casino bet365Shandong Land Group held the second work meeting of the 2024 Safety Production Commission

Release time:2024-04-08

    April 7,Live Casino bet365Shandong Land Group held the second work meeting of the 2024 Safety Production Commission。Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group、Chairman Li Bo attended the meeting and spoke,Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee、Director、General Manager Hu Yuanqiao hosted the meeting。
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    Conference conveyed the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping's work safety work、Requirements on safety production work in the government work report of the State Council,Drives the spirit of studying in Shandong Province's relevant production safety work conference,Listen to the report of project safety inspection in the first quarter。
    Conference emphasized,Safety production should be used as the first responsibility,Further stabilize the basis of the development of the group。Take the lead in catching、Grabbing bet365 login gamesthe bet365 login gameslead。Leading cadres at all levels must give full play to the leading role,Frequently arrive at the first line of the project,Emphasize safety、Understand the truth、Solve the problem,Tightening the liability chain,Promoting the three -year operation of the culinary control。Safety management of manufacturers,The core is to catch the lead,Urges the main person in charge to implement the safety responsibility,Improve safety awareness,Guarantee investment in production safety,Standard daily safety management。Keep focusing on、Grasp the key。Be good at grasping the main contradictions and contradictions of production safety,Point -to -face binding、Highlights,Grab in the critical point、Step on the idea、dry high efficiency。It is necessary to focus on promoting the three -year operation of the culinary tackling,Consolidate the Group's safety management foundation; focus on carrying out bet365 login gamesbet365 slotssafety production conditions and outsourcing construction supervision inspections,Improve the long -term management mechanism; strengthen the mine、Safety management in key industries such as construction enterprises,Implement various safety risk control measures such as flood prevention and typhoon in advance。Repeat grab、Grab repeat。Safety production work cannot be achieved overnight,To be persistent,More to catch it to the end。Repeat grabbing,Continuously promote the effective implementation of the safety management system,Improve the business ability of the safety management team,Create a strong safety production atmosphere。Repeat through grasp,Standardize the safety behavior of employees,Improve safety management measures,Eliminate hidden dangers again。To grasp all members、Grasp the whole staff。We must vigorously promote the implementation of the responsibility system for safety production,bet365 live casino appbet365 live casino appDo your own job、Each responsibility,Construct horizontal to edge、Vertical to the end、Grabbing a joint pipe security management working mechanism。To combine "Big Study、Big Training、Big Examination "activity,Continuously strengthen the safety awareness of all staff,Improve the ability of the entire staff for emergency response,Guarantee Group's safe development。
    Member of the Group Safety Committee、Members of the Office of the Safety Committee attended the meeting。