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Shandong Land Group held a meeting of business analysis in the first quarter of 2024

Release time:2024-04-08

    April 7,Shandong Land Group held a meeting of business analysis in the first quarter of 2024。Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group、Chairman Li Bo attended the meeting and spoke,Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee、Director、General Manager Hu Yuanqiao hosted the meeting。
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    The meeting notified the current investment、Main financial indicators、Business repayment、Funding,Each ownership second -class company reported the operating work status and work plan from January to March。
    Conference to point out,Shandong Land Group's first quarter operations are generally stable、Business expectations are steadily good,Basically achieved the task goal of "opening the door"。The second quarter is the critical period of the year -on -year inheritance,Established Live Casino bet365bet365 login gamescompanies must adhere to the progress of regular work、Key work to break through,Powerful to grasp the collection of arrears and collection and new projects、The project is effective、Decreased corporate governance、cost reduction and efficiency、Refined management and other key tasks,Brotting with stronger responsibility,More realistic work measures,Fully sprint second quarter,To ensure the completion of the annual task target。
    Meeting requirements,We must take the off -balance -shelf money as the first priority,Further enhance the development strength of the group。Change concept,Innovative collection method,Accelerate the de -degrading pace,Pay attention to operating income cash ratio,The guarantee mechanism for accountability and accountability is implemented。To use the project construction as the first hand,Further enhance the development bet365 slotsbet365 live casino appof the group's development。Grasp the project plan with an extraordinary heart,Grasp the project with the excellent power,Grasp the strict project assessment with an extraordinary strategy。Tightly deducting policy orientation and market -oriented,Around the field of natural resources in the natural resources of the grass and sand of the landscape, forest, forest, lake,Find a project with a down -to -earth,Research scale cultivation land reclamation、Comprehensive land rectification of the whole region,Do a good job of project reserves。To take refined management as the first power,Further stimulate the development vitality of the group。Unified thoughts,Establishing an upper and lower linkage mechanism,Accelerate optimization and integration pace,Accelerate optimization and integration pace,Do a good job of cost control,Improve work Bet365 loginefficiency。Optimize internal Bet365 loginmanagement mode and management mechanism,Guarantee the development of the group is steady and far away。
    Member of the Party Committee of the Group,Chief Financial Director,Directors、Total Assistance、General Master,Each Ministry of the Headquarters、Direct institutions are mainly responsible comrades,Chairman of the second -level company、General Manager、Deputy Secretary、Executive Deputy President、Chief Financial Director attended the meeting。