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Shandong Land Group Party Committee Theoretical Learning Center Group held a special study meeting for reform and development

Release time:2024-03-01

    On the afternoon of February 28,Shandong Land Group held the second party committee theoretical learning center group in 2024,Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group、Chairman Li Bo presided over the meeting and spoke。
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    The conference collectively learned the spirit of Xi Jinping's speech at the fourth meeting of the Central Committee of the Central Committee bet365 slotsLive Casino bet365of the Central Committee。Members of the Central Group Group of Learning theme,Combined with your own work practice and thinking to make exchanges。
    Meeting requirements,To understand the spirit of the meeting,Effectively unify the thinking and actions to the overall situation of the group's reform and development。Combined with the current land policy adjustment of the group、New situation and new requirements such as changes in market situation,Scientific planning to promote the reform of the group's key areas,Accelerate the formation of the core competitiveness and business model of the group。To emancipate the mind and condense consensus,Stimulate the strong kinetic energy Live Casino bet365of reform and development。Bet365 loginMethod of learning and thinking,Breaking the "Ice",Efforts to solve the problem of rigidity;,Breaking the "Ice",Efforts to solve the problem of incomparable wrapping; to catch up with the force of sprint,"Ice" for breaking work is negative slack,Efforts to solve the problem of not strong responsibility。We must adhere to the practical effect,Promoting the spirit of the meeting to take effect。Make every effort to do real land rectification business,Promote the development of the main business development and transformation and upgrading; actively explore the development of the dual carbon industry,Promote the comprehensive green transformation of the group; give full play to the leading role of bet365 login gamesbet365 login gamesinnovative support,Accelerate the cultivation of "new productive forces"。
    Member of the Party Committee of the Group、Foreign Director、Total Assistance、General Master,The main responsible comrades of the relevant departments of the group attended the meeting。