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Review Summary Promotion,Ningxin Junjie opened a new game! Shandong Land Group held a 2024 work meeting

Release time:2024-02-06

    On the morning of February 5th,Shandong Land Group held a 2024 working meeting。Conference to thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Party and the Central Economic Work Conference,Implement the Economic Working Conference of the Provincial Party Committee、Rural Work Conference and the relevant deployment of high -quality development conferences in state -owned enterprises in the province,Summary review of work 2023,Analysis of situation problems,Research and deployment 2024 task,Mobilization Group buried up and down to work hard,overcome difficulties,Promote the new improvement of the group's various tasks。Group Party Secretary of the Group、Chairman Li Bo attended the meeting and spoke,Deputy Secretary of the bet365 slotsparty committee of the Group、Director、General Manager Hu Yuanqiao Working Group 2023 Work Report,Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group、Director Liu Shouliang chaired the meeting。
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    The meeting conveyed bet365 live casino appLive Casino bet365the spirit of the high -quality development conference of state -owned enterprises in the province,I heard the work of the second -level companies in various ownership and the work plan of the 2024 work plan,Readed "Decision on Commendation of Advanced Collective and Advanced Individuals in 2023",Signing the responsibility letter of business goals with various ownership second -level companies、Safety production target responsibility letter。
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    Li Bo's speech entitled "Fen Yan Sailing Just at the time, conspiracy to consider a new article and unswervingly take the road of high -quality reform and development"。
    Li Bo said,2023 is the group's 20th spirit of the party's comprehensive implementation of the party,Carry out theme education solidly,Focus on high -quality development and difficult to improve quality、Advantages、Draw a long -term key year。Group Gao Jinping's Great Banner of Socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era,Under the strong leadership of the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government,In the Provincial SASAC、The strong support of the relevant departments of the Provincial Natural Resources Department,Group's steady foundation is constantly consolidating、Entry situation Consolidate and expand、The morale of dryness is even more high、The morale of dryness is even more high,High -quality development takes a solid step。This year,We have a clear banner about politics,Party building leaders are more powerful; this year,Our optimized integration,Structure layout is more scientific; this year,We gather together to serve the national strategy,Development momentum is more surging; this year,We deepen the "three systems" reform,Talent support is stronger; this year,We are people -oriented to promote sharing,The development environment is more harmonious; this year,We deepen the construction of party style and clean government,The liability chain is closer。The results are not easy,Experience must be reference and carried forward。We clearly bet365 login gamesbet365 slotsrealize,Always adhering to the party's leadership is the pilot light of the group's high -quality development,Always insisting on keeping up innovation is a key trick to realize the high -quality development of the group,Continuous advance integration integration is the magic weapon to achieve the high -quality development of the group,Continuous advance integration integration is the magic weapon to achieve the high -quality development of the group。
    Li Bo emphasized,2024 is the key year for the 20th spirit of the party to fully implement the party,It is also our in -depth promotion and implementation of various measures for the reform and deepening of state -owned enterprises、The target blueprint established by the bet365 slotsparty committee of the group,Disadvantages of Revolutionary Thought、The wind of Xingqiang、Shi innovation strategy,Steading to the construction of a domestic first -class natural resource investment and financing group to accelerates its progress in a vital year。The general guidance idea is: persistence to take Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics as the guidance,Comprehensive integration into the country and provincial major strategy,Taking the party's political construction as the lead,With the mobility inspection of the Provincial Party Committee to the starting point,Deep cultivation of the main care of the main business,Focus on innovative development,Adhere to the same direction of the physical business and the capital market、Empowerment,Persist in the full -hardships left to the history of history and explore the formation of a new business model.、Support for each other。Do a comprehensive rectification of fine land、Construction of high standard farmland、Green Mine Development、Sand prevention and sand、National Reserve Forest Construction、Asset management and management、Investment and capital operation、Digital industrialization、Ecological protection and restoration and other subdivided areas。Subsidies around the element of grass and sand in the landscape, forests, lakes Live Casino bet365Live Casino bet365and sands,Steady expansion of the capital market,Continue "fission development"。Efforts to respond to the uncertainty of changes in the external environment with the certainty of their core functions,firm confidence、Struggle to do something、Responsible for good Cheng,Accelerate the construction of domestic first -class natural resources investment and financing group。
    Li Bo said,The beautiful blueprint is dry、Fat out。Turn "Planning" into "Construction Map",Turn "Timetable" into a "schedule",Let the blueprint become reality,Must be honest and pragmatic。First is the new Dingxin、Bow in the game,Against the ideological consensus of building a first -class enterprise。Benevolence with the spirit of being courageous,Struggle with the spirit of innovation,Open the new bureau with the spirit of dare to break through。The second is to ask for yourself、Precision Force,The ability of continuous improvement of service reform and development。To improve the overall situation、The ability to grasp the focus,Improve precise decision -making、Experted ability,Improve dripping stone、long -term power,Improve good learning and use、Good ability to make good achievements。Third is to cultivate righteousness、Style style,Gathering the strong joint force of the upper officer to start a business。We must continue to strengthen the unity and collaboration mechanism,Continuous strengthening target achievement mechanism,Continuous strengthening supervision and implementation mechanism,Continuous strengthening assessment reward and punishment mechanism,Continuous strengthening fault tolerance and error correction mechanism。
    Hu Yuanqiao made a work report entitled "Optimizing Management Management and Improvement and Effective Effective Creation of the Group's High -quality Sustainable Development"。
    Hu Yuanqiao said,In 2023, the group is guided by Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era,Rectifying the motor inspection of the Provincial Party Committee to an opportunity,Under Bet365 loginthe leadership of the bet365 slotsparty committee of the group,Timely changes、Proper response,overcome difficulties、Precise relief,scale benefits increase against the trend、Basic specifications of the management and control system、Optimize integration of integrated big sword、Significant results of business advancement、Cracking one by one in pain points、Comprehensive optimization of financing structure、"One job and two responsibilities" implementation is strong,Group production and operation "Double Effects",High -quality and sustainable development take a solid step。
    Hu Yuanqiao emphasized,2024 to surround production and operation,Do a good job of "Five Promotion、Five Promotion ": First, unswervingly promote the" two gold "voltage drops,New improvement in development quality; the second is to unswervingly promote project construction,new improvement in business expansion; third, unswervingly promote reform and innovation,Realize new improvements in transformation and upgrading; fourth, unswervingly promote fine management,Realize new improvement in quality improvement and efficiency; fifth is to firmly promote risk prevention and control,Realize new improvements in the safe development。
    Member of the bet365 slotsparty committee of the Group,Full -time external directors,Director of Finance,Directors、Total Assistance、General Master,Division of the headquarters、Personnel above -level deputy (inclusive) or above of the institution,Member of the second -level company team of ownership、Director of Finance,General Manager of the Regional Branch,Chairman of Third -level Company,Commendation collective、Personal representative,Partial employee representatives attended the meeting。