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Finding the Party Spring Searching for Fang

Release time:2024-03-11

    Xiangyang Husuqing,Bright spring light。To welcome the 114th "March 8" International Labor Women's Day,Further enrich the spiritual and cultural life of female employees,March 8,The Group's Trade Union organizes all female employees to go to Jiuru Mountain Scenic Area to carry out wonderful outdoor practice activities,Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the bet365 slotsGroup、Director Liu Shouliang attended the event and speak。
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    Liu Shouliang said,In the past year,The group of female comrades of the group use the unique feelings of "half of the sky",The spirit of "not let the eyebrows" with "wishes",Use excellent performance to show the style and responsibility of women in Shandong in the new era,It is an indispensable force for the Group's high -quality reform and development。Standing at the Group's new development starting point,I hope everyone will continue to firm beliefs,pioneering and aggressive,Chuangxian Fight,Dedication of the power of the group's high -quality reform and development,Demonstrate the beauty of the score in promoting the progress of social bet365 slotscivilization,Singing the song of the sings in the wonderful life,Write the new era of the skewers。
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    Yangchun March,Spring is full。Group female employee tour in Jiushan Scenic Area,Walking in the forest,Appreciate the natural scenery,Enjoy coffee grinding、Sweet sac production、Easy and happiness brought by diversified handmade projects such as nature floral art。Along the way,The harmonious and warm atmosphere promotes communication between female employees,Harvesting a strong sense of happiness。
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    This event allows female employees to spend a warmth、Happy holiday,At the same time, it is also an unforgettable outdoor experience。Employees feel the charm of outdoor bet365 slotssports in the event,Aceded the beautiful scenery of nature,shows a positive spiritual style。In the future, I will devote life and work with a more vigorous mental state,Blooming in the hard work,Use practical actions to help the group's high -quality reform and development。