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Salt and Alkali Land Comprehensive Utilization of the Shandong Provincial Engineering Research Center settled in the group

Release time:2023-12-11

    December 6,The Shandong Provincial Development and Reform Commission announced the list of 2023 plan to be identified.,Comprehensive utilization of saline -alkali land declared by the group comprehensive utilization on the list of Shandong Provincial Engineering Research Center,Become the Group's first provincial -level science and technology research and development platform for the Group。
    Since this year,The Institute of Industrial Development Live Casino bet365is successfully compiled bet365 slots"Pilot Plan for Comprehensive Utilization of Cultivation Resources and other cultivated reserve resources such as saline and alkali land in Shandong Province" as an opportunity,Organizational capable force Establish a application team,Actively connect with the Construction Unit Shandong Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences,Effectively give full play to its own advantages,Integrate resources of all parties,It took half a year to complete the application of the Shandong Provincial Engineering Research Center for half a year。
    The center is based on national strategic needs,Combined with the main responsibility of the group,Comprehensive governance technology and mode around saline -alkali land、Selection and high -efficiency planting、Research and development Bet365 loginbet365 login gameswork,Establishing a governance technology、Selection of varieties、Full -chain solution, including the industrial model,Drive the industrial chain with the innovation chain,Support the high -quality development of the industry with scientific and technological innovation,Comprehensive utilization of saline -alkali and land in Shandong Province provides technical support and industrialization promotion demonstration。
    The approval construction of the center,It is not only a specific manifestation of the deployment of the group's party committee's scientific and technological innovation work deployment,It is the vivid practice of the Group's deep participation in the comprehensive utilization of salt -alkali and land.。The Institute of Industrial Bet365 loginbet365 login gamesDevelopment will take this as an opportunity,Finding the common technical and pain points of saline -alkali and land for scientific research、Technical Test、Achievement transformation and other related work,Fully promote the Group's saline and land comprehensive utilization work to a new step。