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The unveiling ceremony of the "Confucius Academy" held by the group

Release time:2023-11-01

    October 31,The unveiling ceremony of the "Confucius Academy" held by the group。Nishan World Confucian Center (Secretariat of the Confucius Foundation of China) Party Secretary、Deputy Director,Vice Chairman of the Confucius Foundation of China、Secretary -General Guo Chengyan,Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group、Chairman Li Bo attended the event,Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group、Director、General Manager Hu Yuanqiao hosting activity。
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    "Confucius Academy" is Nishan World Confucian Center、The public welfare cultural brand created by the Confucius Foundation of China,Through passing the classic、Hold public welfare public lessons、Exchange training and other methods,Inheritance bet365 login gamesand bet365 slotspromoting the excellent traditional culture of China。In the event,The two parties jointly unveiled the group "Confucius Academy",At the same time, a license is awarded for the eight -owned second -level company "Confucius Academy",Nishan World Confucianism Center presented the classic Book of Confucianism to the group "Confucius Academy"。
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    Guo Chengyan said in his speech,Shandong Land Group always integrates Chinese excellent traditional culture into the group development,"Confucius Academy" entered the enterprise,Being able to provide learning for enterprise employees、Growing platform。I hope that the two parties will take the construction of the "Confucius Academy" as an opportunity and bond,Construction in corporate culture、Promoting the spirit of Confucian business、Promote the areas of rural culture and other areas to carry out all -round、Deep exchanges and cooperation,Working together in the Live Casino bet365bet365 slotsvivid practice of the new era of modernization and strong construction in the new era、Create a good achievement。
    Li Bo said in his speech,Nishan World Confucian Center、The Confucius Foundation of China actively inherits and promotes the excellent traditional culture of China,strongly promoted cultural self -confidence。Group set up "Confucius School",The aimed to conscientiously implement the important exposition of General Secretary Jinping's "two combinations",Promote the excellent traditional culture of China,Ber better responsibility for new cultural mission。The Group will really take "Confucius Academy" as an important position for cultural construction,Continuously open up a new situation in the new era of publicity and ideological and cultural work。
    Nishan World Confucian Center (Secretariat of the Confucius Foundation of China) party committee member、Deputy Secretary -General Mi Huaiyong,Relevant departments responsible comrades; members of the group party committee、bet365 live casino appbet365 login gamesexecutive,Headquarters Office、Direct institutions、Responsible comrades of various ownership second -level companies,Group Propaganda, Ideological Culture Work Training Class participated in the event。